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Freelancer Psychiatrist

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il 03/07/2024


Job Title: Psychiatrist

Location: Remote (available globally through a mobile application)

Company Overview:

MantraCare is pioneering accessible mental health care through a user-friendly mobile application. Our platform connects clients with experienced psychiatrists worldwide using video consultations, self-care tools, AI, and advanced technology. With a network of over 500+ psychiatrists, we ensure personalized and effective treatment for every client's mental health needs.

Job Description:

We are looking for a dedicated Psychiatrist to join our dynamic team at MantraCare. The ideal candidate will provide compassionate care and leverage technology to deliver high-quality psychiatric services to clients remotely. This role involves conducting virtual consultations, creating tailored treatment plans, and supporting clients throughout their mental health journey via our mobile app.

Key Responsibilities:

Conduct video consultations to assess and diagnose clients' mental health conditions.

Develop personalized treatment plans, incorporating medication management and therapeutic interventions.

Utilize self-care tools and AI-driven insights to enhance treatment effectiveness.

Provide ongoing support and follow-up care through chat and call features on the MantraCare app.

Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to ensure comprehensive care for clients.

Stay informed about the latest developments in psychiatry and integrate best practices into patient care.

Engage in continuous professional development and training provided by MantraCare.


Medical degree (MD or DO) with specialization in Psychiatry.

Board certification in Psychiatry.

Valid medical license to practice psychiatry.

Minimum of 3 years of clinical experience in psychiatry.

Proficiency in telemedicine platforms and technology-driven care tools.

Excellent communication skills and ability to build rapport with clients remotely.

Strong organizational skills and ability to manage a diverse caseload effectively.

Commitment to patient-centered care and continuous improvement.

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience in telepsychiatry or virtual mental health services.

Additional certifications or expertise in subspecialties such as child and adolescent psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, or addiction psychiatry.

Familiarity with AI applications in mental health care

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