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il 28/03/2024


This is a remote part-time role for an Alt-Text writer(Alternative text) For Spanish. The Alt-Text writer will be responsible for writing descriptive and detailed alt-text for images that effectively communicate the content of the images for the visually impaired(Graphs, Charts, Diagrams, Equations, etc.) or illustration of educational content, with the help of required hardware and software. Day-to-day tasks include creating alt-text for various types of images, writing alternative titles and texts, and ensuring compliance with accessibility standards and guidelines. This candidate should have strong writing skills which enable them to explain complicated concepts as well communication skills as.

Language: Italian


➢ Provide the Alternative text of the Provided Image Content.

➢ Cross-check with the quality team and improve the quality of content

➢ Views each image in relation to the surrounding text to determine context (purpose, relevant information, appropriate book terminology)

➢ Reading and comprehending the subject material from textbooks Analyze academic material to create customized content, adhering to quality standards

➢ Reviews alt text in the provided template/platform in compliance with job-specific instructions and general alt-text guidelines to ensure correct spelling and grammar, and content appropriateness.

• Biology
• Chemistry
• Healthcare
• Math
• Nursing
• Physics


➢ Minimum 1 Year of experience In Alt-Text

➢ Must be a Master in the respective subject, Ph.D. candidate preferred

➢ Must be a good Hand in US/UK English

➢ Must be Professional personality and Punctual


➢ Bandwidth to earn a good amount per month

➢ Certificate of experience

➢ Certificate of appreciation(Only deserving candidate)

Thanks for visiting, For more please write to career@way2class.com with the subject "Italian_Alt-writer_Name"

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