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Visual Prompt Engineer

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il 01/02/2024


Visual Prompt Engineer

Location: Remote - work from anywhere

Position Size: Contractor, but a full-time workload will be expected

Compensation: Based on experience

Start date: Feb/Mar of 2024

Attention. Recruitment agency Talentroo and its recruiters are sourcing and screening for this position on behalf of the client. The client has opted to stay anonymous. You'll be introduced to the client if you are interested in this role.

Join a dynamic, emerging AI venture positioned to impact the AI industry significantly. This confidential venture promises to be a trailblazer in AI innovation by leveraging a decade of multimillion-dollar profitability from its preceding endeavours.

Role Summary:

Seeking a Visual Prompt Engineer with expertise in AI-generated imagery. Your primary role involves developing new prompts, generating images, and enhancing the effectiveness of our future AI image-generation engine.

Key Responsibilities:
• Innovate and develop new prompts for AI image generation.
• Actively generate high-quality images using advanced AI models.
• Contribute to developing and refining the company's AI image generation engine.
• Collaborate with the tech team to integrate prompt designs for practical applications.
• Test and analyze the performance of generated images, providing insights for improvements.
• Stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies in AI-driven visual content creation.

• Experience in designing prompts for various implementations of foundation models.
• Demonstrated expertise in Stable Diffusion prompting.
• Ability to assess the impact of different prompts on performance and outcomes using metrics.
• Experience with foundation models such as T5, LLaMa-2, GPT-4, PaLM-2, BLIP-2.
• Proficiency in leveraging techniques like Chain of Verification (CoVe), Chain of Thought (CoT), In-Context Learning, Tree of Thought (ToT), and Optimization Prompting (OPRO) for guiding foundation models.
• High-level familiarity with large language models' architecture, operations, capabilities, and limitations.
• A solid understanding of AI, machine learning, and natural language processing concepts.

What They Offer:
• Opportunity to work remotely as a full-time contractor.
• Competitive financial package based on qualifications and experience.
• A chance to contribute to a pioneering AI imagery project with potential for significant industry impact.

The Client is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive team. We encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply.

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